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Glow Up: A Comprehensive Guide to Skincare and Beauty Trends

It is true that vanity plays a major and prominent role in our lives .Is it not true that accentuating our natural beauty with correct skincare and makeup enhances your confidence and boots your excitement for the event.

Trends change every season and hence, this is a guide for all the makeup and skincare junkies .

Skincare is hyped and has taken a new twist with the incorporation of niacinamides , ceramides, peptides etc. which targets on the skin elasticity , provides you with a glow and an even tone skin . Brands like drunk elephant , glow recipe , ordinary has customized and eased out the skincare .

K-skincare regime is the new task of the town . They are not just a secret to glowing glass skin but also is purposed to fight aging and fine lines .The Korean skincare is power packed with the ingredients like rice water , snail mucin , bamboo contracts , pearl etc. in a routine of cleaning , hydrating , nourishing and protecting it – allowing your skin to look bouncy and thieve .

The main focus these days is on building the skin barriers and protecting it but using barrier restore creams .

Forgetting sunscreen is a huge crime Brands like Isdin , caudalie etc provide u with great products .

111 Skin , Dr Barbars Sturn , etc are brands one can’t go wrong .

Make sure you hyderate byour skin , body as well as your lips . Rhode peptide treatment is a hot talk for a glazing , plump and a glossy lip . Summer Fridays and laneige lip balms are a must try .

Make sure you drink a lot of water , have Vitamin C enrich diet , multi vitamins etc. for a glowing skin . Use a glowing foundation and a beaming illuminator for a healthy glowing looking skin .

Wear your smile as it is the best makeup !

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